Search, Social, and Local

Search, Social, and local integration with your website is more important than ever.
That’s why DMS2 comes prepared. Not only prepared, ready to attack!

We’re using the latest in APIs and practices to make your content uber-sharable and discoverable.

Do you have a local business? Then you’re gonna love the stuff we’re building in.

Social shares now use AJAX, no more of those lame social share buttons that always look bad. Now social sharing is fun and easy for your visitors.

    Useful Internet Marketing Tools...

  • Tube Tutorials - Silver Membership Get Your Hands On This Brand New Collection Of 65+ Advanced High Quality YouTube Video Training Series That Is Guaranteed To Teach!
  • WP AmaBot Software And Theme Toolkit With This New Amazon Affiliate Plugin and Review Theme You Can Easily Build Your Own High Quality Amazon Affiliate Sites In Just A Few Clicks Of Your Mouse So You Can More Money With Less Effort!
  • FB Tube WordPress Plugin Create Amazing YouTube Galleries Inside Of Facebook That Get Results! Combine Facebook And YoutTube To Create Killer Video Galleries!
  • Notice Box Ads Plugin The Notice Box Ads plugin is designed to boost your click-through rate for absolutely anything. In fact, you can put anything at all in the notice box, including images, styled text, and links.

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